02 Apr 2020

REVULN 20x1 is postponed to December 2-4.
The agenda of the speakers selected two weeks ago is now available.

09 Mar 2020

REVULN 20x3 conference in Bangkok (Thailand), 2020 September 9-10:
Social media monitoring and online censorship evasion
Details and Call for Papers now available.

15 Jan 2020

REVULN 20x2 conference in Malta, 25-26 June 2020:
Cybersecurity in iGaming and eSports
Details and Call for Papers now available.

12 Jan 2020

REVULN 20x1 conference in Metro Manila (Philippines), 2020 April 28-30:
Cybersecurity and hacking communities
Details and Call for Papers now available.

28 Dec 2019

The PDF slides of REVULN 19Q4 are now available.

22 Dec 2019

REVULN 19Q4 recap blog post, photos and info.

15 Nov 2019

The initial agenda for REVULN 19Q4 is now available.

07 Nov 2019

Day 2 of REVULN 19Q4 will be open topic. People in Hong Kong in December 11-12 are invited to submit their presentations. Speakers are selected until all slots are taken. Benefits: access to the event for two people.

22 Oct 2019

Blog post - REVULN 19Q4: updates, new ideas and budget.

01 Oct 2019

Call for Speakers deadline for REVULN 19Q4 extended to November 11.

08 Aug 2019

REVULN 19Q4 conference in Hong Kong, 2019 December 11-12:
AI, speech and face recognition in crime prevention | Fake news, disinformation and propaganda.
Details and Call for Papers now available.

01 Jun 2019

The slides of REVULN '19 are now available.

24 May 2019

Next steps: Review of the recent conference and future projects.

15 Apr 2019

One month to the REVULN '19 conference.
Currently working on the invitations for the selected participants: journalists, government and law enforcement agencies.
And welcome Yi-Lang Tsai (Taiwan), TWCSIRT, presenting: Cyber Security, Threat Hunting and Defence Challenge in Taiwan Academic Network.

12 Mar 2019

Blog post on conference line-up.

07 Mar 2019

Speakers list and agenda for REVULN '19 are now available.

01 Mar 2019

The Call for Papers is now closed. Thanks for your submissions. The final agenda will be published in one week.

22 Feb 2019

Updates before final agenda. A remainder about the Call for Papers and some additional information about the event.

15 Feb 2019

REVULN '19 is invitation-only and free. No tickets available to buy. Only ways for participating is being invited by us or by the selected speakers. We'll send invitations to press and gov/LEA once agenda is ready. 50 seats only.

04 Jan 2019

"What's going on?" Some news about the company and information on our conference.

01 Jan 2019

60 days left for applying to the Call for Papers of REVULN '19. Hong Kong, 2019 May 15-16:
hacktivism (digital activism) and open source intelligence (osint).

20 Dec 2018

The Call for Papers of REVULN '19 is open.

REVULN '19 is an Information Technology Security conference that will take place the 2019 May 15-16 in Hong Kong at the Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel. 11 speakers for two main topics: Hacktivism and OSINT.

08 Dec 2018

All our papers and slides are now available also in HTML format.

The papers have been posted on our blog too.

05 Dec 2018

We are organizing an event in Asia for mid 2019. More details coming in the next weeks.

02 Dec 2018

Light and minimalistic restyling of our website

Added links to our social networks pages on Facebook, Sina Weibo, VK, QZone, Naver, Tencent Weibo, Medium and Blogger

Added links to articles about REVULN in japanese, korean, chinese and russian languages

13 Sep 2017

Celebrating 5 years of business



REVULN™ has been founded in Malta (European Union) the 13 September 2012, later more companies have been incorporated in Belize (Central America) and Hong Kong (China, Asia).

We work on various cybersecurity projects and activities for companies, organizations and governments worldwide.

Since 2019 we also organize and finance our own sponsor-less invitation-only private meetings and conferences.

The founder of REVULN™ is Luigi Auriemma, he has a wide and proven experience of almost 20 years in finding 0-day vulnerabilities and reverse engineering of protocols, file formats and proprietary code, activities that he started since the year 2000 and for which he released an incredible amount of security advisories, 0-day exploits, research papers and source code, ever under the full-disclosure and open source philosophies.

Luigi has been a very active independent researcher before starting REVULN™ in 2012, he has been one of the most prolific researchers for ZDI in 3 consecutive years, his projects and patches keep alive many gaming communities otherwise defunct, he maintains the largest collection of game file formats available, found 0-days in a wide range of proprietary and open source products ranging from SCADA/ICS to enterprise servers, from game engines for triple-A titles to SmartTV, media players, online poker client software, BitTorrent clients, financial software and so on.

Both Luigi and REVULN™ have been featured in various news articles, a brief collection is available in the Press page. The most notable article has been published on the front page of New York Times the 14 July 2013 about vulnerability brokers and governments: Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Knowledge of Software Flaws, and the original front page [PDF].

We have also been speakers at various international conferences where we presented our research material, an archive of our papers and slides is available in the Research Page.

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REVULN Ventures Limited
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