REVULN 21 Bangkok
Bangkok (Thailand)
9-10 September 2021


REVULN 21 Bangkok is an international cybersecurity conference taking place on 9-10 September 2021 in Bangkok (Thailand) at Ibis Styles Bangkok Sukhumvit Phra Khanong.

The conference is focused on the following topic with presentations covering countries and areas of Asia:

    Social media monitoring and online censorship evasion

The topic is discussed from different points of view and focused on the countries and personal experiences of the selected international speakers.
Each presentation covers a slot of 45 minutes inclusive of questions (Q&A session).
A 15 minutes break is available after each presentation for networking and privately talking with the speaker.

The event also includes an "open topic day" covering varios areas like cybersecurity, journalism, freedom of information, intelligence, cryptography, data analysis, privacy, censorship, activism, technologies in law enforcement, and others.

Main features of the event:
    - no sponsors, no marketing, and no promoted business
    - invitation-only and free
    - guests selected by us and by the attendees
    - sessions covering specific target topics
    - focused on the region where the event is hosted (Asia)
    - networking with people from various countries and fields

Registration and tickets

The event is invitation-only and free. No tickets available.

Agenda / Programme

Sep 9Thursday - Social media monitoring and online censorship evasion
10:30TBA ()
11:30TBA ()
14:00TBA ()
15:00TBA ()
16:00TBA ()


Sep 10Friday - Open Topic
10:30TBA ()
11:30TBA ()
14:00TBA ()
15:00TBA ()
16:00TBA ()

Speakers details


Call for Speakers / Presentations / Papers

Text file / Download


Is it an in-person event?
Yes, all the REVULN conferences are traditional physical events with attendees meeting in-person.

What is this event?
REVULN is a series of free meetings for invited guests where participants attend the presentations of international speakers and connect with all the selected guests.
The idea behind the events, the way they are organized, and the non-commercial goals are unique. No conferences hosted by private companies have similar features.
Information about the previous events are available here.

Is it a marketing or promotional event?
No. We do NOT promote, advertise or sell anything, and we do NOT accept sponsors.
The event has been created, planned, and financed by us just for speakers and attendees, completely for free and without any business, promotional activity, or marketing purpose.

How joining as speaker?
Please check our Call for Papers for details.
We provide free accommodation for the international speakers holding presentations for the main topic on the first day.
No "paper" is requested because this is a Call for Speakers where you will only be asked to provide the slides of your presentation before the event.
Remember that this is an in-person event and, if selected, you should be able to travel without any problems, this point is very important right now.

How do you select the speakers?
We follow some rules for the selection like giving priority to speakers from different countries in the region of the event.
Submissions for keynotes, from corporate/sales positions, or with undefined content are usually not considered.
Priority goes to talks covering the own experience of the speakers, their current research and projects (both professional and personal), information about how their organization operate in the country, and so on.
Academic presentations, if submitted, are evaluated case-by-case because we would prefer those with a real practical implementation of what has been already presented to academic conferences.
Very important is how the presentation is performed and how comprehensible is the content for both participants with deep knowledge and without any skills in that topic, it's useful to catch their attention and curiosity on the content.
Additionally our suggestion is to submit to the Call for Papers even if not matching the main topic on which the first part of the conference is focused, in fact the main topic may change later if there are more interesting submissions covering other subjects, or due to different interests caused by a postponement of the event to a later date.

Is the event strictly technical and focused on cybersecurity?
No, the event is not an "hacking" conference and our attendees cover various fields with knowledge in different areas.
That's the reason why we prefer technical content presented in a way that may be understandable and enjoyable also by people who have no specific background in that field.
Cybersecurity still is one of the main points of most of the presentations since it touches every fields nowadays.

How can I attend the event?
The event is invitation-only, the attendees are selected by us and by our guests.
Anyway feel free to contact us if you wish to participate, we are ever looking for interesting guests who can contribute to the events with their presence, knowledge, and suggestions.

We would like to sponsor the event.
We do not accept sponsors.

We work for the press/media.
Please send us an email if you would like to participate.
We are ever very happy to have journalists from various fields and media at our events.

How are the invited guests selected?
The expected attendees directly invited by us are mainly from the following categories:

    - media: journalists, reporters, writers, bloggers, press, agencies, NGOs

    - governments and law enforcement agencies: police forces, armed forces, military and defense, government owned/funded research organizations, police academies and universities, national CERTs, consulates and embassies, public sector

    - researchers working in the fields involved by the selected presentations

Is there any political motivation?
No, REVULN and its team are completely neutral and free from any political and ideological motivation and bias, no matter what are the countries and goals involved.
This open minded attitude allows guests from very different and sometimes conflicting fields to attend a relaxed event focused on experiences and information.

Will you release the slides of the presentations on the website?
Yes, but some speakers may prefer to not share their slides.

Are you going to record or stream the sessions?
No, we do not take any video recordings of the sessions.

I'm an invited guest, can I attend some sessions only?
Sure, please check the agenda for the exact schedule of the presentations in which you are interested.
Time is a valuable thing and we perfectly know how difficult may be to attend the full day.

I'm a journalist, do I have to provide media coverage?
We don't expect anything from our guests.
The event is for you, not for what you are supposed to return back to us.

Do I need a VISA for traveling to the Thailand?
People from many countries do not need any VISA for traveling to Thailand and can stay for 30 days.
Please check the Thailand Visa Information for a complete list.

How to reach the location of the event?
Ibis Styles Bangkok Sukhumvit Phra Khanong is located in Bangkok, close to the BTS Phra Khanong station.
Address: 1122 Sukhumvit Road, Phra Khanong Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand.
Phone: +66 20959888
The event takes place in the SIRIVIT I at 26/F.

Ibis Styles Bangkok Sukhumvit Phra Khanong
BTS stationGoogle Maps

For reaching the hotel from the Suvarnabhumi Airport please use the Airport Rail Link till Phaya Thai, then the BTS Skytrain (direction Kheha/Bang Wa/National Stadium) till Phra Khanong.

How to move in Bangkok?
The BTS Skytrain is very useful to reach many destinations, please note that it may be overcrowded in some hours or stations.
The Grab app is available in Bangkok but it's difficult to use cars during peak hours due to heavy traffic.

What's the situation of COVID-19 in the country? What are the guidelines for the meeting room?
Useful websites:

    - MOPH with official data: MOPH.GO.TH

    - Tourism Authority: TATNEWS.ORG

    - Thai Airways: THAIAIRWAYS.COM

    - WHO about the country: WHO.INT

    - World Nomads: WORLDNOMADS.COM

Any requirements, restrictions, and limits on the capacity of the meeting room depend by hotel and health department.
Once the capacity of the meeting room is reached, the other guests can wait and do networking in the adiacent spaces.

Do I have to bring something with me?
- Your name cards (business cards).
- Due to the current "new-normal" it's better to have a QR code of your LinkedIn profile with you.
- The mobile phone or laptop will be useful for consulting some material we plan to provide during the event.
- A local Wi-Fi will be available for sharing documents with the attendees, and Internet Wi-Fi is available too.
- Mask to wear the whole time covering from nose to chin.
- Hand sanitizer.

Dress code?
Casual or business is up to you, the event is meant to be informal and relaxed.
T-shirt, (long) shorts and shoes are the bare minimum.

Code of Conduct?
Respect the others, no offenses, no aggressive and inappropriate behavior.
This is a place where we plan to share our own experiences and connecting with people interested in the selected topics.
Update: good health is a priority nowadays and it's important to respect the other attendees by avoid dangerous behaviors during the event (like sneezing, coughing, no social distancing, talking loudly, incorrectly wearing the mask, and so on).

I like the project, how can I contribute?
Just with word of mouth.
Feel free to share the Call for Papers and details of the event with colleagues and people interested in these topics.

How can I contact the organizer with other questions?
Please contact Luigi Auriemma by email, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Signal/Telegram: revuln.

Privacy Policy
REVULN Privacy Policy for speakers and participants.

Press material
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This is a meeting for invited guests only.
The event doesn't have any business, promotional activity, commercial purpose.
The event is completely not-for-profit and no incomes are generated from and during its execution.
The presentations and slides are intellectual property of their authors, who are also the only responsible for such content.
Free accommodation, when acknowledged by the organizer, is revoked if the speaker is not able to hold the presentation in-person at the event (and communicating it weeks before would be appreciated, other than professional).
The organizer is not responsible for any loss, damage or other issues during the event.