15 Feb 2019

REVULN '19 is invitation-only and free. No tickets available to buy. Only ways for participating is being invited by us or by the selected speakers. We'll send invitations to press and gov/LEA once agenda is ready. 50 seats only.

04 Jan 2019

"What's going on?" Some news about the company and information on our conference.

01 Jan 2019

60 days left for applying to the Call for Papers of REVULN '19. Hong Kong, 2019 May 15-16:
hacktivism (digital activism) and open source intelligence (osint).

20 Dec 2018

The Call for Papers of REVULN '19 is open.

REVULN '19 is an Information Technology Security conference that will take place the 2019 May 15-16 in Hong Kong at the Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel. 11 speakers for two main topics: Hacktivism and OSINT.

08 Dec 2018

All our papers and slides are now available also in HTML format.

The papers have been posted on our blog too.

05 Dec 2018

We are organizing an event in Asia for mid 2019. More details coming in the next weeks.

02 Dec 2018

Light and minimalistic restyling of our website

Added links to our social networks pages on Facebook, Sina Weibo, VK, QZone, Naver, Tencent Weibo, Medium and Blogger

Added links to articles about REVULN in japanese, korean, chinese and russian languages

13 Sep 2017

Celebrating 5 years of business

23 Jan 2017

New PGP key. ID: 193B0D886649005F - Fingerprint: F134 2420 0712 C426 3F52 E412 193B 0D88 6649 005F

23 Jan 2017

Our third company has been incorporated in Hong Kong and it's fully operative.

26 Jan 2015

REVULN is hiring vulnerability researchers and sales agents worldwide. Please check the Careers page to join our team.

26 Jan 2015

We are proud to present REVULN Ventures, our sister company in Belize.

18 Sep 2014

Released paper "Exploiting Steam Lobbies and Matchmaking".


Conferences and Meetings

"stay focused on Asia"

Hong Kong, 2019 May 15-16


REVULN '19 is a cybersecurity conference that will take place the 2019 May 15-16 in Hong Kong at the Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel.

The event is organized and financed by REVULN Limited Hong Kong and REVULN Limited Malta (EU) without any external sponsors.
More information about us are available in the About page and by searching REVULN on the Internet.

REVULN '19 is strictly focused on two topics for the whole 2-days event with a look at the asian region.
The main topics selected for this edition are:
  • - Hacktivism and countermeasures, cyber activism and attacks motivated by ideals
  • - Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
The topics will be presented from different points of view and based on the countries and personal experiences of the 11 international speakers in english. Each presentation takes 30/35 minutes and covers a slot of 45 minutes inclusive of questions. A full schedule will be published once the speakers selection is complete, in the meantime we highly suggest to check the detailed Call for Papers for having an idea of how content and speakers are selected. Main features of the event:
  • - no sponsors, no sponsored talks and no marketing
  • - invitation-only and free
  • - two specific topics on which are based all the 11 sessions, for an in-depth experience during the whole event
  • - topics focused on the region in which the event is hosted (Asia)
  • - no memberships, no subscriptions and no VIP statuses
The participants will be people working in journalism, government and law enforcement.

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Registration and tickets

The event is invitation-only. No tickets available.

Agenda / Programme

Speakers will be progressively added in the slots once they are selected.

May 15Wednesday
10:00Registration and welcome coffee
10:30Session 1 (not available yet)
11:15Session 2 (not available yet)
12:00Coffee break
12:15Session 3 (not available yet)
13:00Lunch (restaurant)
14:30Session 4 (not available yet)
15:15Coffee break
15:30Session 5 (not available yet)
16:15Session 6 (not available yet)

May 16Thursday
10:00Welcome coffee
10:30Session 1 (not available yet)
11:15Session 2 (not available yet)
12:00Coffee break
12:15Session 3 (not available yet)
13:00Lunch (buffet)
14:30Session 4 (not available yet)
15:15Coffee break
15:30Session 5 (not available yet)

Speakers details

The Call for Papers is still in progress.

Call for Papers


Is this a promotional event?
No, nobody is going to promote or sell you anything.
The event has been created by us just for speakers and attendees.

I would like to join as speaker, is a CFP available?
Please check our Call for Papers page.

Are you going to record or stream the sessions?
No, we will take no video recordings of the event.

We would like to sponsor the event...
We don't accept sponsors for this event.

We work for the press/media...
Send us an email and we would be happy to discuss and evaluate your presence at the event, we have only few free seats available for the press.

How to reach the location of the event?
The Habourt Plaza North Point hotel is located in Hong Kong Island, between Quarry Bay (exit C) and North Point (exit B3) metro stations.
Address: 665 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2187 8888​
The meeting will take place at B1/F in the whole Harbour Plaza Rooms space.

Reaching the hotel from the airport is very simple:
  • - buy a ticket for Hong Kong Station at the Airport Express booth in the airport (it costs about 115 HK$), you don't need it if you have the Octopus card
  • - take the Airport Express train [PDF details]
  • - get off at Hong Kong Station (the final stop)
  • - take the H4 complimentary free shuttle bus
  • - take off at stop 5
If you prefer the bus, take A12 or A11 (plus some walking). Are there good occasions for networking and meeting people? At the end of the second day we have 45 minutes fully dedicated to networking. How can I attend the event? This edition is invitation-only and only limited to press, governments and law enforcement agencies. Do I have to bring something with me? Business cards. Mobile phone will be useful for consulting some material we plan to provide during the event. Wi-Fi may be available mainly for sharing some material with the attendees, while Internet may not be available in the meeting room. The hotel already provides notepads, pens and water. Dress code? Casual or business, it's up to you. T-shirt, (long) shorts and shoes are the bare minimum. Code of Conduct? Respect the others, no offenses, no aggressive and inappropriate behavior. This is a place where we plan to share experiences and do networking with people interested in the topics of the event. How can I contact the organizer with other questions? You can contact us by email, Twitter and LinkedIn.


REVULN™ has been founded in Malta (European Union) the 13 September 2012, later more companies have been incorporated in Belize (Central America) and Hong Kong (China, Asia).

We are specialized in Information Technology Security, mainly in vulnerability research and reverse engineering, we work on various projects and activities for companies, organizations and governments worldwide.

Since 2019 we finance and organize some international events too.

The founder of REVULN™ is Luigi Auriemma, he has a wide and proven experience of almost 20 years in finding 0-day vulnerabilities and reverse engineering of protocols, file formats and proprietary code, activities that he started since the year 2000 and for which he released an incredible amount of security advisories, 0-day exploits, research papers and source code, ever under the full-disclosure and open source philosophies.

Luigi has been a very active independent researcher before starting REVULN™ in 2012, he has been one of the most prolific researchers for ZDI in 3 consecutive years, his projects and patches keep alive many gaming communities otherwise defunct, he maintains the largest collection of game file formats available, found 0-days in a wide range of proprietary and open source products ranging from SCADA/ICS to enterprise servers, from game engines for triple-A titles to SmartTV, media players, online poker client software, BitTorrent clients, financial software and so on.

Both Luigi and REVULN™ have been featured in various news articles, a brief collection is available in the Press page. The most notable article has been published on the front page of New York Times the 14 July 2013 about vulnerability brokers and governments: Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Knowledge of Software Flaws, and the original front page [PDF].

We have also been speakers at various international conferences where we presented our research material, an archive of our papers and slides is available in the Research Page.

REVULN Limited
Level 3, Theuma House, 302, St. Paul Street
Valletta VLT1213
- Company No. 57557 -

REVULN Ventures Limited
21 Regent Street
Belize City
- Company No. 149322 -

REVULN Limited
25th Floor, Workington Tower, 78 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
- Company No. 2478498 -